Walk The Moon - House of Blues - 02.08.18

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Walk The Moon
San Diego, CA – 02.08.18
Photos by 
Erika Garcia

Walk the Moon came back stronger than ever with their latest album release What If Nothing in 2017. The album itself centers on raw feelings of emotion and organically shows the growth of each of their individuals.

Known for their biggest hit “Shut Up and Dance” the Ohio-based group has earned plenty of nominations and even won for Top Rock Song on the Billboard Music Awards.

In 2016, the band was forced to cancel their “Work This Body” tour due to a series of events in their personal lives. After a whole year of self-exploring and setting down roots, they headed on a series of consecutive shows in South America before their latest release.

Their ongoing tour, “Press Restart”, is their comeback to the scene after their hiatus and has kept them busy with sold out shows and even wilder crowds. Its name, as well as their album, its all about new beginnings. Through their music, they portrait a new vision and honesty that rumbles in their words and most of all of how necessary is to go back and reemerge as a new whole.

Frontman Nicholas Petricca’s energy on the stage is unrecognizable and contagious. From start to finish the crowd, with painted faces and huge smiles, danced and sang at the top of their lungs.

During their set, the band surprised everyone with a snippet of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” in between the solo of their song “Headphones” that happened so fast you could almost miss it.

The show’s intimate atmosphere helped the band connect with the fans in the best way possible. It created an almost never-ending-party-like feeling. It showed that Walk the Moon is here for the long run.

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